Welcome to the world of Alfred & John.

We are a creative agency of master craftsman.
Observation is our great skills. Communication, the other.

Our kung fu is discovering a brand’s true identity.
The mastery of this skill, our forever-quest.
Meditating on the subject showed us that today’s noisy, impatient world insists that you be the brand you truly are, or face peril.

Discovering your destiny as a brand demands long, intense hours of mirror gazing. It’s harder than you think, but fear not for we are ready and able to help you with this important task.

We will talk with you. We will walk with you. We will hold the mirror up to you.
At the end of this journey, we will help write your true story, and shape your true identity.

Set yourself free from the shackles of ambiguity. Come collect the key that unlocks your brand greatness.

Yours observantly (and communicatively too),

p.s. we’ve had the utter privilege of (and in some cases, are still getting kicks from) working on ideas and solutions for many great brands, including: